About Me

I’ve worked in music almost my entire life. I’ve been recording and producing artists since I was 15 when my mom still had to drive me out to my friends’ practice spaces so I could record their demos. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then. After trying live sound, tour managing, and concert promotion, I opened 33rd Street Studio in 2013 to have a place where I can work with and help grow Oklahoma artists. I specialize in co-writing and producing indie, rock, and pop. I also help artists craft release strategies, marketing plans, and branding so that the business side of your music doesn’t get neglected.


Work With Me

Especially if you’re a newer artist, it’s not so easy to know where to start or what exactly to do once your music is released. Every single artist is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. We’ll spend some time making sure we’re the right fit before diving in to a production. The process usually looks like this:

01. coffee

Meet up over coffee. We’ll get to know each other and discuss where you’re at in your career, where you’d like to be, set some goals, and start brainstorming ideas on how you can get there. This is a great time to talk about your musical influences, and what your vision is for your next release.

02. Scheduling

If we’ve never worked together before, I suggest we collaborate on a single to start off with. If you don’t already have a demo of your song, we’ll schedule a demo session before diving in to the full production.

03. Production

Once we have a demo, we’ll explore some ideas of how we can make what you have even better. We’ll experiment until the song starts to sound better than you imagined. We can handle the creation of your music all the way through mixing, and then refer you to a great mastering engineer.

04. Release planning

The last, but certainly not least step in this process is to plan out how you’re going to present your new creation to the world. This depends entirely on what your goals are and is unique to every artist. We’ll craft a release plan and marketing strategy to ensure your music is heard by as many ears as possible.


“…the path is different for everybody. Go after the doors that are open to you.”

chris stapleton

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